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Shaped and managed tk toplevels

Here is a starkit with sources included for creating non-rectangular toplevels in tk, but allowing the window manager see (manage) your window as well. The alternative, to use the shape extension and "wm overrideredirect" is not very friendly. If you are going to write something like Xmms in tk, this is the ultimate solution of your problems. You only need to have a image supported by tk or the Img extension, with transparent areas as required. It is not needed to create any other bitmap, as the command "setXwinshape" will extract the mask for you and use it to set the shape. Yes, it is really simple!


Here is a design of a somewhat complex Altera FPGA, that we used to manufacture some years ago. The last revision was made in 1995 and you will need Altera Corporation software to compile it, because it is written in AHDL (not the same as VHDL). But if you are curious to find out how a FPGA is defined for a not so trivial design, study this code. You may find the results of the compilation in the *.rpt file, the sources are the *.tdf files. At last, pleeeease don't ask me to resurrect this design again. I will not do the same as it happened with TinyCobol :-) Never more! Simply, I have no time.

You can also find here (front) and here (back) pictures of the manufactured device based on this FPGA.


Take this little webmail program to serve your customers, if you're a internet service provider, or even if you prefer to use your browser to read all your mails. It's a good way to learn the principles of web programming with tcl/tk. There is a script (in tcl, of course!) to install, but some setup info must be edited on the main script (webmail). It will be installed in your apache cgi-bin and will create a cgi-bin/html directory.


This little utility is useful if you catalog your cdroms or backups with the well known ls -lR /cdrom | gzip >catalog.gz
Is very annoying to look at the unstructured text of such catalogs, but not with this tiny program. There is no manpage: just enter the catalog name (that must be gzipped), or choose with the file button, then press browse. To look at the contents of a directory, just click on it at the left hierbox. To expand directory hierachies, double click or click at the "+" symbol. Well, you know the remaining operations...

To run lsbrowse (2 Kbytes), you will need tcl/tk 8.0 or newer and BLT, a nice tcl/tk extension.


This is an old try to make a (user) device driver. I have bought a Genius Scanner Color Page-CS and this is to make it work under Linux. You may find it at Sunsite.

Driver for the KeenView

KeenView (TM) is a piece of hardware I have done with a PIC and a couple of ICs. With a LCD display and interface for a standard PC keyboard, it turns itself a very cheap POS terminal for small stores. The line is multipoint RS-485 and its software is a simple device driver with VT52 emulation. This software serve only as an example of implementation for devices under Linux, unless you have the real hardware. Here is it.


A client/server teaching tool with a blackboard, irc-like chat, and a remote-execution tcl/tk facility. The latest version is quadronegro-0.0.3.tar.gz. You need tcl-dp and tcl/tk8.0 or better.


This is a tiny script in tcl for ppp configuration and connection. Just make it executable (chmod +x) and don't forget to fill all fields, or it will not work.
You can have some clues by looking at the source ( use the source, Luke :)

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